​​For over 40 years, Deborah Sundes has been committed to the pursuit of excellence in the arts and intangible investment in the lives of students who are transformed as a result of their involvement in this endeavor.  She has demonstrated excellence as a choreographer, dancer, instructor, and arts director for numerous programs throughout LA & Long Beach areas,  then relocated to the Coachella Valley do be with family. She was happy to find great opportunities to teach and create with wonderful new students. 


Deborah has been teaching  jazz, tap, ballroom, lindy-hop swing and musical theater since 1979.  A prolific choreographer, a few of the musicals she has put her mark on are West Side Story, Cabaret, Pajama Game, Oliver, Guys & Dolls, and Bye-Bye Birdie. She directed her own company, On Broadway Dance Company, which performed throughout the LA area.  In 1990 she was invited by the Ohio based City Dance Productions to dance, choreograph & teach master classes for a six-month program.  She was Musical Theater director of her own program which was in residence at the Long Beach Ballet Art Center  from 1992 to 1998. She also worked with Marrillyn McDowell Studio of Dance  from 1998 –2000& then returned to the LongBeach Ballet Arts Center.  Other choreography projects includes Damn Yankees & Pippin  2000-2001,  served as artistic director for Long Beach Center of the Arts from 2002 to 2004 & taught at Break the Floor Dance Studio from 2004-2005.  She taught and choreographed jazz pieces for the Summer Programs for the Long Beach Ballet Arts Center; senior division for 5 summers & the children's  division for 4 summers.  She has choreographed and performed for many dance concerts as well as producing and choreographing her own productions such as "Rhythm & Step through Time" and "From Broadway to Hollywood".  She was acknowledged for her choreography of "Bebop, Jive, Etc.” in the Register (Orange County Paper), which was performed at an Orange Coast College Dance Concert.  She moved to the Palm Springs area in 2006 and started a Dance & Performing Arts program at the Palm Springs YMCA.  She also worked with the ASES after school program throughout the Coachella Valley.  She created performing opportunities with original productions for both the YMCA and ASES until 2011.  Deborah taught dance for the Marquees Academy of Performing Arts  Summer Camp in 2015.   From 2015 to 2017 Deborah worked at different locations as a guest artist after which she took a break. She will start teaching mainly in the Coachella Valley by February 2020 & working on special choreographing Projects

See you in class very soon, Deborah Sundes