​​ ​Note from Ms. Deborah
I hope to create a program that will help students discover their talent & will build student's confidence.  It will be designed also to  introduce all forms of the arts,  in which guest artists will teach as the program develops.  I plan to have meetings to share my goals &  give me the opportunity find out what you would like to see happen.   I invite those interested to be a part of  the program development if  they so choose .  I also want to make classes affordable which will be explained at my first meeting. 

Thank you for the opportunity to offer this program in Desert Hot Springs. 

 Deborah Sundes 

Some Students I had the honor to teach in the past

Below are just a few of the students I enjoyed teaching.  I will be creating slide shows and share some videos to show off their talents & you will see why I love teaching so much & don't want to stop.